Can’t Open CD Drive

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Last week I played a CD on my computer. Since then I’ve not been able to open the door to take out the CD. Any tips on how to do this?


Dear Nelda,

I do have a way for you to open your CD door, and it works in all versions of Windows.

Click on “Start” and then, “Computer” or, “My Computer” depending on which version of Windows you are using.

In the Computer window, right click on your CD drive, and click, “Eject” in the context menu that appears.



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    • jws3
    • March 17, 2014

    In addition, every CD/DVD drive that I’ve owned has a very small hole, usually under the eject button. If you straighten out a paper clip and insert it in the hole, the drive will open.

    • Rhino
    • March 17, 2014

    I am assuming the poster tried opening the cd/dvd/blu ray drive using the button on the front. If that hasn’t worked then there is a high likelihood that there is a mechanical fault. If that is the case then Elizabeth’s solution won’t work.

    Check to see if there is a tiny hole in the front of the drive (most of the new ones don’t seem to have this anymore – obviously a **new & improved feature** (sarcasm) in which case you would need to remove the optical drive from the case and see if you can lever the door open. It is possible that the cd has jammed inside the drive and is causing this problem. The single biggest thing causing this is printed labels which come unstuck on the edge and then catch onto the upperside of the carriage drawer. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself then take it to a repair shop. Shouldn’t cost too much for them to retrieve and fix the issue.

    • andrevm
    • March 18, 2014

    on the door of every CD, DVD, whatever reader, there is always, ALWAYS a tiny little hole: put a paper fastener throught that hole, and push until the door unlocks itself.
    You may continue to use the CD or DVD reader, but you may have to use the paper fastener each time to eject the disk: that costs you a lot less than a new reader

      • Rhino
      • March 24, 2014

      I’m sorry, but that is just not correct. I agree, the vast majority of drives have the hole, but I previously had one that didn’t, an LG drive, which died and I replaced it with… ironically another LG drive, which did have the hole. Go figure!

      I also have a friend whose drive does not have a hole.

      Admittedly, this is rare, but do not discount the poster being one of the unfortunate ones to have a drive without the paperclip hole.

        • andrevm
        • March 25, 2014

        Hi, Rhino,
        I just haven’t seen one without the tiny hole, and went by what a computer expert told me at least 10 years ago, …
        anyway, good to know, and thanks for your comment

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