How To Burn DVDs That Play Everywhere

Dear Computer Lady,

I have several videos I have from my cellphone etc. and I would like to change the videos to avi so when I burn to dvd’s I can play it in all devices.

Please advice.

Thank you, Kay

Dear Kay,

What you need in order to burn DVDs that play in all devices is a software program made to author movie DVDs. A movie DVD that plays in all devices is not made by just burning a file onto the disk, you need to create, or author the DVD specifically for playing movies.

I have used Roxio Creator to author DVDs in the past, and it has worked great.

There are probably other programs available as well, but I don’t have experience authoring DVDs with them. Here are just a few:

Cyberlink Power Director

Magix Movie Edit Pro

Nero Video Pro

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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