Dear Computer Lady,

I was wondering if you could tell me how to rip a dvd. I have a few favorite movies that I would like to load on my iPad and watch while traveling, but I can’t figure out how to rip the dvd movie in order to convert and copy it to my iPad.

Can you help me figure this out?

Thanks, David

Dear David,

I can help you figure out how to rip a dvd, as long as the DVD is not encrypted or copy protected.

You will need a program installed on your computer that will allow you to rip (or convert) your movie to a format that your iPad can use.

There are a few such programs to choose from. I have used Nero and Roxio to burn CDs, and create movie files from home video. Both programs have conversion listed in their list of features, but Nero looks like it has more options.

There is also a program called, Magic DVD copier, that I have used to rip exercise DVDs to my iPad so I can take my exercises with me when I travel. I really think that Magic DVD is the easiest program to use.

You simply start the program (You can download a free trial to try out before you purchase it) insert your DVD, select a profile from the dropdown list (in your case, you would select iPad) and then click the big, “Start” button.

I hope this will help you get started watching your favorite movies on your iPad.


Have you found another way to rip DVDs? If so, we would love to hear from you!

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