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Dear Computer Lady, 

I Love your newsletter. I learn something  from every single one of them.

I have Outlook for my email and I was wondering  if there is someway that I can keep the nasty >>>’s from being put on forwarded emails that I send.

Thank You for the great newsletter, Sue


Dear Sue,

Outlook gives you quite a bit of control over e-mails that you forward. To set it up to your preferences follow these directions:


1. In Outlook, click on “Tools” and then “Options”.

2. In the Options window, click the button that says “E-mail Options”. This button will be in the top section of the “Preferences” page.

3. You will now be looking at the e-mail options window. Look at the lower half of this window where it says “On replies and forwards”. This section will allow you to chose exactly how you want forwards to look.

4. Click on the drop down list below “When forwarding a message”.

You will have several options. The first is to attach the original message as an attachment. The second option is simply to “Include original message text” this will include the original message without the greater than signs. The third option is “Include and indent original message text” and the fourth option is to “Prefix each line of the original message”. You can then chose to prefix it with the dreaded greater than signs (>) or any other symbol you choose.

5. Click OK twice after you have made your selections to save them.


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