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Dear Computer Lady,

Thanks for your usefull site.

I want to make a mailing list or mailing group like google group or yahoo group and I want to add members directly but it can’t be on google group and on yahoogroup I can add only 10 members in a day.

Are there any site or server that allows to make our own mailing list and add members (large members) directly?

Can you help me? regards, Parisa


Dear Parisa,

Why do you need a mailing list that allows you to directly add large numbers of addresses?

That is the first thing I wondered after reading your question. Let me explain why.

I own several mailing lists (not on google or yahoo) and as a responsible list owner, I work hard to make sure that all the thousands of people who get my email messages really do want to get them. Not only is it important to me, but there were laws put in place in 2004 against sending unsolicited email messages to people.

These CAN-SPAM laws are the reason why google, yahoo and other email group providers have the 10 people a day limit. So that spammers can’t use their list to send unsolicited emails to hundreds or thousands of people.

I have several of my mailing lists on Aweber. They also have a 10 member a day limit if you are adding the email addresses yourself, however, they also allow as many subscribers as you want to subscribe every day as long as the people sing themselves up, and verify their subscription. This is the better way to run a mailing list.


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    • arimatla1
    • September 24, 2011

    There is a good mailing list website called Mail Chimp. Silly name but very effective. They help you set up auto sign up, they give classes, they have a blog, and evern for the free members (up to 5000 emails a month, each address is considered an email) they are very helpful.

    • penny5301
    • September 26, 2011

    Hi Computer Lady:
    I enjoy your newsletters and have learned a great many things from you!
    This topic really caught my attention as I’m trying to set up a Neighborhood Email Forum here in AZ based on the one in Burlington VT which was featured in Yankee Magazine. (Front Porch Forum). Currently I have a forum running but each email has to be sent from my computer which means spending a lot of time forwarding to my list. (Yes, I know how to do bulk send to all at once.) I tried to set up a group in Yahoo, but many of my neighbors are not computer savvy enough to set up a Yahoo account. Currently I have about 65 members on my list and I would like to have a website established so members can email to all of members without my resending to everyone. I use Thunderbird & Firefox. I’m looking at designing a web page that would work. Do you have any further info?
    Thanks, Penny5301

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