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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Every once in a while when I am checking my email I get these messages that some emails have not gone through, then in investigating they are ads from a company using my email addresses. It is something about operating a home business and how to make money from home.

How can I stop this from happening as when they send these ads out they are going from my email address which “suckers” people into opening it and then pow I guess they have us!


Dear Bonnie,

I doubt that those messages are actually coming from your computer, it is more likely that they are coming from a spammer who is using your email address as a return address in an attempt to fool people into opening their advertisements.

The only way they would be coming from your computer is if you are infected with a program that is made to send out these messages. Your first step is to run a thorough malware scan to make sure you are not infected. If you are not sure how to run that scan, take the computer to your local repair shop and they would be happy to do that for you.

Unfortunately, if the messages are not coming from your computer, there is nothing you can do to stop someone from spoofing your email address and sending out messages that appear to have come from you.



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