Attach Document to E-mail

Dear Computer Lady,

I am trying to take a Word document and send it by email as an attachment, but I keep getting an error message.

I am using Windows Live Mail.

Please Help me if you can, Sandy


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for your detailed email. I did not include the entire error message here because it is a little long, but it does help me to answer your question.

It sounds like you are trying to send your Word document while you have the document open, and you are using the menus in Word to send the document as an attachment.

It is far easier to send a Word or any office file as an attachment if you have the file closed and follow these directions:

  1. Make sure your document is saved and you have closed it.
  2. Open Windows Live Mail, and start a new email message by clicking on “New” in the menu bar, then click on “E-mail Message”.
  3. In the new e-mail message window, enter the email address of the person you are sending your document to, and fill in a subject for your email message.
  4. In the toolbar of your new email message window, click on the “Attach” button.
  5. A dialog box will open, use that dialog box to go to the folder where your document is stored, click on your document, and then click on the “Open” button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  6. Your document will now be attached to your email message. Now, type your message, and click on the “Send” button in the toolbar.

This method should work for you. If you are still having problems, you might want to check with your Internet Service Provider.


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