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Hi Elizabeth,

Have read often of your recommendation for AVG. I had it years ago and then a computer guy put Kaspersky on instead.

My subscription is up in about 10 days and would like to switch back to AVG, but wondered if it checks emails for viruses? I checked online, and it didn’t seem like it did.

What have you found to cover email? I use Mozilla Thunderbird.

Thanks for any help you can give on this! Ann C.


Dear Ann,

Thank you for your question! I am always glad when people carefully investigate what a program will do for them before they depend on it to keep their computer safe.

AVG Internet Security does include an email scanner. Here is the description from their website:

“AVG Email Scanner
AVG E-mail Scanner checks attachments and links sent in emails for threats so that they donโ€™t arrive in your inbox and cause damage. AVG E-mail scanner works as a plug-in for email applications โ€“ including Microsoft Outlook 2010 – or as a personal e-mail scanner on accounts that use POP3 and SMTP.”

I hope this helps you make your decision, and if you do decide to purchase AVG, I would really appreciate it if you used the link on my website. The small commission helps to pay my bills. ๐Ÿ™‚



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    • joanb
    • October 28, 2011

    I have been using AVG free for about 4 years and find it a very good program. It does check emails.

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