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Dear Computer Lady,

My computer crashed in July.  The repair shop reloaded my Win. 98.  So many things are now different. 

On my email (Outlook Express), I used to have the TO:, CC: and BCC: headers.  But now, BCC is not there.  I have to manually click each name from the “select recipients” screen of my address book.  Before, I simply selected the names, hit OK, then highlighted and dragged them to the BCC line.

Do you have a suggestion that will allow me to have BCC on my Composition Site?

Your newsletter is a breath of fresh air…I never receive one that I don’t learn something I need



Dear Marviene,

You can easily make the BCC line appear on each e-mail in Outlook Express, just follow these steps.

1. In Outlook Express, open a new e-mail.

2. Click on “View” and then “All Headers”.

3. The BCC field will be part of the new e-mail window, and will appear in each new e-mail from now on.



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