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Dear Computer Lady,

You are a great help to this 86 year old! I am not ‘tech minded’ as you might guess but do use my computer a lot for my Genealogy work.

I use Microsoft OUTLOOK for my e-mail program and file many messages from other researchers.
I would like to Make & Open a new “In Box Folder” with the letters in BOLD type but I do not know how. Now the strange part. I have made some of the Titles in BOLD type but I’ve no idea how this happened/what I did to cause it to be BOLD. I would very much like to have Control of the Folders I WANT in “BOLD” type and the Folders I want in “Plain” type. Keep up your good work and I’ll keep learning thanks to you.


Dear Nell,

Your folders in Outlook are bold when you have an unread message in the folder.

This is not something that you can change or control, all you could do, is mark one of the messages in a folder as “unread” to make the folder name appear bold.



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