Can I Fix Eudora?

Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve been reading your column for years and today I need your help.

My problem: Users of the beloved orphaned email client Eudora 7.1 who download their POP Gmail are being affected by what seems to be Google rolling out new SSL certificates.

I like having my email stored on my computer not in the clouds.

Can you tell me how to fix my problem so I can use Eudora again?

Keep up the great work, Jim

Dear Jim,

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how to fix eudora, it has been abandoned and is no longer being updated.

I can only give you the best available alternative which would be Mozilla Thunderbird at:

Thunderbird is a free, open source email program. I have found that it is easy to setup, easy to use, and it has the features and abilities that most people are looking for in a local email program.

In addition to the built in features, Thunderbird has addons available that provide features like calendars and mail merge.

I have found that Thunderbird has more features and is easier to use than any of the email apps that come with recent versions of Windows. It is a great replacement for Outlook Express, and far easier to use and more powerful than the Windows 10 mail app.



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    • Norman
    • March 29, 2016

    Dear Computer Lady,

    I read about Jim and his problem with Eudora. To fix his problem
    Go to Tools, Options, and in the Category window select Checking Mail.
    Then click Last SSL Info. At the bottom of the next window click
    Certificate Information Manager.

    At the top of the next window you will see Server Certificates. Keep
    clicking the plus (+) signs until you get to the last entry which should
    be showing a skull. Select that entry and near the bottom of that window
    click Add To Trusted. Then click Done and OK and OK.

    You should find that you can receive your mail again. You may have to go
    through that every month!


    • dakota2265
    • March 29, 2016

    Hi Jim,
    I think I can help you. I use Eudora daily for work and love it. Hopefully this will be able to solve your problem. I get those messages a few times a week. I copied the following instructions and listed the website they came from.

    You need to tell Eudora to add the new certificate to the list of trusted certificates. In the personalities window, right-click on the personality and select “properties” Go to the “incoming mail” tab. Click on the “last SSL info” button at the bottom. Click on the “certificate manager” button. The certificate in question should come up selected. If there is a + button next to it, click on that. Repeat if necessary until you get to the bottom level. Select that certificate then click on the button to add it to the trusted
    certificates. That should solve the problem. (copied from!topic/

    Good Luck,

    • Rhino
    • March 31, 2016

    I disagree. Mozilla Thunderbird is not only just another bloated piece of software but I personally know a number of people who have major issues with it. Mostly the problems centre around its clunkiness. Things are not where you think they should be. And/or they don’t work as you would logically expect them to.

    I’d suggest that you try Postbox Express. Clean. Fast. Logical.

    I’ve put 2 users on this and the L.O.V.E. it. One said she’ll never go back to (her words) MickeySoft!

    So, like I said, try it, you may just like it.

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