Can’t access Yahoo mail

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi,I hope u can help.
Yahoo tells me I have mail,but then I click on mail and it will not display my mail.Cant read off line messages.I can go onto another pc and my mail is fine.

Please help, thank you, Linda


Dear Linda,

I don’t use Yahoo for email ( I prefer Google’s free email service) but I think I can help you. The biggest clue to your problem is that you can get your email when accessing it from another PC. This tells me that your web browser is having a problem. Here are some things you can try to resolve this problem.

1. Try a different web browser on your PC. You are probably using Internet Explorer, so give either Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox a try. You can download them at these websites:
Download Google Chrome at:
Download Mozilla Firefox at:
Once you have downloaded the file, make sure you run it to install the program.

2. Try resetting Internet Explorer. Click on “Tools” in the IE window, then click on “Internet Options”. In the Internet Options window, click on the “Advanced” tab, and then click on “Restore Advanced Settings”. Close Internet Explorer, then open it again and see if you can access your yahoo mail. If this didn’t work, you can go back and try the button at the bottom of the Internet Options page that says, “Reset”. This is a bit more drastic, and you will probably have to re-install all your plugins afterward.

3. If the above options don’t work for you, you might have to backup your files, erase the hard drive, and do a clean install of Windows. This is something that I do in my computer shop for customers quite often. As you use your computer over time, little errors occur. These errors build up and eventually cause problems. If your computer has been running Windows for three or more years and you have never had a clean install of Windows done, you should consider it. You will be surprised by how much faster and better your computer will run.


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    • isabella
    • January 5, 2010

    The problem is that the user has not upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Yahoo has stopped supporting earlier versions. That’s all it is.

    If she upgrades to IE 8, she will no longer have any trouble accessing her mail.

    Trust me.

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