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Dear Computer Lady,

I have Outlook 2003 loaded on and updated two separate computers. On one email flows in and out perfectly. On the other email comes in fine but I get can’t connect to outgoing server when trying to send mail. I have done side by side comparisons of all the email account parameters and they are exact. What could be keeping the emails from getting out.

Thanks, Jim


Dear Jim,

I have looked at the settings of many email programs that could not either send or receive messages. Here are the most common things that I have found.

1. Something is not typed correctly. It could be as simple as a comma being where a period should be. Sometimes it is even hard to see. Try re-typing all your settings and see if that will fix the problem.

2. Does your outgoing mail server require authentication? Make sure that all check boxes are the same in addition to your mail server settings.

3. Sometimes the file is just corrupt. I have found that deleting the mail account and creating a new one from scratch will often fix the problem when nothing else seems to work.

4. Is the security software on your system blocking the program? To see if this is the problem, disable your security software (probably the firewall is the problem) and see if you are able to send mail while it is turned off.

Most of the time, these steps will fix your problem. I hope it fixes yours.


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