Change Font in Windows Live Mail

Dear Computer Lady,

When I go to create an email in Windows Live Mail, the font color is red.

How do I set the font color to always be black?

Thank you answering my question, I feel a little less stressful knowing there is somebody out there I can turn to for questions.



Dear Janet,

All you need to do is change the font color in your Windows Live Mail options. The trick is figuring out how to access the options since there is no obvious menu bar like there was in Outlook Express.

There are two ways to view the menu bar. The first way, is to tap the Alt key on your keyboard when you have Windows Live Mail open. This will temporarily display the menu bar at the top of your Live Mail window until you use the menu bar, or click someplace else in the Live Mail window.

The second way to turn on the menu bar is to click the “Menus” button in the toolbar and then click “Show Menu Bar”. This will turn on the menu bar until you turn it off. The Menus button is located in the upper right part of the Windows Live Mail window between the paintbrush and the help button.

Now that we know how to display the menu bar, here are the directions for setting your default font color.

1. Open Windows Live Mail and tap the Alt key to display the menu bar.

2. In the menu bar, click on “Tools” and then “Options”.

3. In the Options window, click on the “Compose” tab.

4. On the Compose page, click the top “Font Settings…” button.

5. In the font dialog box that appears, select your font, style and size.

6. In the bottom left corner of the Font dialog box click on the drop down list under “Color:”

7. Click on the desired color (black in your case), then click the “OK” button.

8. Click “OK” to close the options dialog box, and you are ready to compose a new message.


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    • Pat
    • September 4, 2010

    I also use Windows Live Mail, but the tip here didn’t work because tapping the Alt button never brought up a menu….????? Also, I have no paint brush as mentioned above, either.???? Any other options to get to the menu? Thank you very much.


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