Checking Email Away From Home

Dear Computer Lady,

Good morning. I am fairly new at computers.

My question is How do i get emails from my computer when i am away from home at another computer?

I am using micro soft XP.

Thanks, John

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Dear John,

I love to answer questions from new computer users!

First, if you have an online email address like yahoo, or Gmail, you don’t have to do anything different when you are away from home. Jut log into your account like you normally would at home and you will be all set.

For the rest of us with email addresses from our internet service providers, there are a couple of ways that you can check your email when you are away from home. I am going to share with you what I think is by far the simplest way. A website called, Mail2Web.

You need to know two things before you go away from home. First is your email address, and second is your email password. Most people already know what their email address is, but many people don’t realize that they even have a password for their email account. Your email program on your home computer stores the password and enters it for you each time you check your email. If you don’t know your password, just give your ISP a call and they will either tell you what it is, or reset it to a new password for you.

When you are away from home and want to check your messages, simply go online to .

You will see a form where you can fill in your email address and password. Type them in, and click on the “Check Mail” button. You will be taken to a page with a list of your email messages. You can read a message by clicking on it.

You can delete messages by clicking the check box in front of one or more messages and then click the “Delete Selected Messages” button at the bottom of the list. You can even create a new message and send it, or reply to a message from the Mail2Web site.

I would suggest that you try accessing your email this way once before you leave home, just so you know that it works, and are comfortable with using it.

I hope you are going on a great trip! Elizabeth

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    • mpsmom
    • September 17, 2010

    LOVE mail2web. Not sure if I heard about it here or when QWEST had no webmail version for checking mail when away from home. The only other thing I would mention about checking mail away from home is to make sure your email program is not set to download mail automatically. For instance, I use win mail and have it set to send/receive mail every hr automatically. I know you can also set other programs, Outlook, OE, etc, to download automatically and some of them have that option as the default, so you may be doing it without realizing it.

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