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[ad]Dear Computer lady,

I use Firefox, Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail.

I’d like to know if there is a setting in Mail that would allow me to read my messages, press the links in the e-mail, but stay in Mail? Now each time I press a link it takes me directly to Firefox.

I‘d like to read my messages in a batch and then check out the internet when I’m done. its annoying to have to keep clicking back and forth.

Thanks for your helpful e-mails. I hope you can help me out.


Dear Deidre,

It sounds like your computer is working the way that it should.

Windows Live Mail is a program for reading email messages. It is not a web browser, so when you click on a link in an email message, your computer switches to your web browser, which in your case is Firefox.

There is no setting that would allow you to stay in Windows Live Mail (WLM) when you click on a link because the links lead to a web page, and WLM is not capable of displaying web pages.

I hope this helps answer your computer question.



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    • andrevm
    • March 3, 2014

    From the description of the problem given by Deidre, I guess he/she has the same problem as my wife did: he is not realizing that his mail tab stays open in the background whilst he is visiting a web site after having clicked on a link. After reading whatever is on this web site, he should go back to his mails by clicking on his mail tab, norammy at the bottom of the screen.
    As I work with Vista, and not Win7, I am not sure where his tabs are, … this is where you may help further

    • DianaWilcox
    • March 3, 2014

    Deidre might try clicking the center scroll wheel. That will put the link page on her browser without taking her out of Mail. Anyway, this works for me (if I get a good click without mistakenly scrolling the wheel).

    • Rhino
    • March 4, 2014

    As Elizabeth says, there is no “setting” which allows what you want to do, but, there is a method which will do exactly what you want.

    Press Ctrl+click the link and the link will open in your browser in the background. So, effectively you can open multiple tabs as you go through your emails and look at the pages when you have finished with the emails themselves.

    Beware though that if you don’t have significant RAM that opening too many windows will either slow the system to a crawl or cause it to freeze altogether. Speaking from woeful experience.

    • dawne007
    • March 7, 2014

    what i do is right click on the link & open it in another tab.

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