Copy Part Of Email


Dear Computer Lady,

Is it possible to copy part of an e-mail message?

If so, how?



Dear Kit,

Yes, it is possible to copy part of an e-mail message. In fact, there are several ways to do so, depending on what you are copying the message for.

The first method, is to copy the part of the message you want and then paste it where you want it to go.
If you want to forward an e-mail message but not include the whole thing, it is very easy. 

The first thing to do, is click the forward button. This creates a new e-mail which contains the contents of the original e-mail.

Now that you have your message in an outgoing format, you can simply highlight and delete any parts of the message you don’t want to include. Make sure you delete the lists of addresses the message has been forwarded to in the past. 




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