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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

Why is it when I have photos in files and want to transfer them to the Desktop I usually right click on it and select Desktop.
But when I go to open that file I’m told there’s no information (photo) there yet it says I have a file with the correct name – showing on the Desktop.

Why is this and what is the better way to move a file to the Desktop so that I can e-mail it to friends?

Thanks, Steve

Dear Steve,

It sounds like you are creating a shortcut to your photo on the desktop.

When you right-click on a file, point to “Send To” and click on “Desktop” notice that it says, “Create Shortcut” next to desktop.

This means that you are not moving or copying the file to your desktop, you are merely creating a shortcut to the photo on your desktop so that you can access it easier.

If you really want to move or copy the photo to your desktop, you should drag it using your right mouse button, then when you release the button, you will be given the option to move, copy, or create a shortcut to the file on your desktop.

The reason most people create shortcuts on their desktop is to give them quick access to a file, folder or website.

Since you want to email your file to friends, I think it would be easier to make a note of the file location, and attach it to your email from its current location.



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