Delete Messages on Server with Live Mail

Dear Computer Lady,

I’ve been reading your advise for many years and appreciate the help.

I have Windows 7 with live mail. My email server is Road Runner and is internet based.

The problem is that when I use Live mail, to delete messages, they aren’t deleted from RR and the mail box gets full unless I go the website and manage the mail a second time.

Is there any way to set up live mail to take care of the RR mail?

Thanks, Barbara

Dear Barbara,

You can change a simple setting in Windows Live Mail to take care of the messages on the server. Here is how:

1. Open Windows Live Mail.

2. Click on the tab to the left of the “Home” tab, point to “Options” in the drop down menu, then click on “E-mail Accounts” in the sub-menu.

3. In the Accounts dialog box, click on your mail account, then click on the “Properties” button on the right.

4. In your account properties dialog box, click on the “Advanced” tab.

5. At the bottom of the Advanced page, find the “Delivery” section, and remove the check mark in front of “Leave a copy of messages on server”

6. Click the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box to save your changes and close the window.

You could also choose to leave the check mark in front of “Leave a copy of messages on server” and then check off the next option and specify the number of days you want to leave messages on the server.

Or, you can just check off “Remove from server when deleted from “Deleted Items”, and you messages would be removed from RoadRunner every time you empty your trash folder in Windows Live mail.



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