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Dear Computer Lady,

Hi! I am using HP Window 10 gmail.

I write often with siblings and at times make mistakes in which I go back to the paragraph to correct a word. So I put the arrow behind the word and use the backspace key to delete the word.

This works fine but sometimes it deletes the whole paragraph with a brink of an eye and I have to write the whole thing over again.
How can I keep this from happening, very irritating?!

Thanks, Barb

Dear Barb,

I wish I could watch you when this happens so I could tell you what was causing it, but since I can’t, I can only give you some suggestions.

If this only happens when you are using backspace over longer words, it is probably just a “Feature” of Windows that deletes whole words instead of letters when you hold down the backspace key for a certain amount of time. This makes it go faster when you really do need to backspace over large amounts of text.

To fix this, just press and release the backspace key the desired number of times instead of holding it down.

You could also be more precise by highlighting only the word you want to delete, then press the delete key on your keyboard to remove it. You can highlight with your mouse, or hold down “Shift” and press the arrow keys to hightlight. This way if you highlight more than you wanted to, you can just use the opposite arrow to remove some of the highlighting.

Gmail used to have an undo command, but I can’t find it in the newest version of Gmail.



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