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Hola Elizabeth,

I noticed that drafts in my Hotmail weren’t being added. Then, this morning, Drafts was empty after I had just sent two emails there. Now it won’t make drafts at all.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Sara


Dear Sara,

Once you have sent an email, it would not show up in your “Drafts” folder, it would instead show up in your “Sent Mail” folder.

A draft is an email message that you have started, but are not yet ready to send. If you start an email message, and then close the message without sending it, or leave the computer for a while, the unfinished message will be saved in your “Drafts” folder.

When you are ready to resume work on the unfinished message, you can log into your Hotmail account, go to the “Drafts” folder, and open up the message to continue working on it, and then send it.

Once you have sent a message, a copy of that message will go into your “Sent Items” folder. This is so that you can go back and review messages that you have already sent. This comes in handy if you are old like me, and can’t remember what you have written and to whom you have sent it. 🙂


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