Editing Emails on AOL.COM

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi, I am using AOL.com on my laptop and when someone sends me an email with a background like flowers etc. How do I remove it?

I was able to do that on the actual AOL program from a disc but not AOL.com

thanks, Cecile

Dear Cecile,

I don’t use AOL.com or the AOL email program from the disc, but I do know that using email on a website is different from using that same email address in a program on your computer.

It is possible that AOL doesn’t have those features available on the web version of their email program.

When you use web based email, and it doesen’t matter if it is AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Roadrunner or any other company, your options are limited to what the company has programmed into their web site.


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    • DiggerP
    • December 16, 2012

    Hi Cecile,

    While I don’t (didn’t) use AOL web mail either, your question intrigued me ,so I got an AOL account
    and played around with Options and Settings 🙂
    The answer is actually quite simple:
    Having a background in an email requires using Rich textor HTML.
    So to remove it you’ll have to use Plain text.

    Under Options select Basic version or Accessible version.

    You can either set your preference for Plain or Rich text under Settings > Compose
    or just switch to Plain text via the entry beneath the Attachment box (which is below the Subject field)
    (Available with a Reply or Forward)

    If you prefer you could still install the Desktop version.The newest is v9.7 NOT 10.1 , for which you may see links ( http://aolanswers.com/questions/import_filing_cabinet_aol_desktop_186533193831282 )
    This 9.7 version comes either as a “web install”,which is just a small file or an “offline installer” which is the full installation setup file.
    Web Install (210 KB) http://daol.aol.com/software/aoldesktop97/
    Off-line installer (43 MB) http://daol.aol.com/software/aoldesktop97alt/

    A couple of things to be aware of: The desktop version is reliant on Internet Explorer (higher than v6.0),so be sure that IE is working properly and also check that you may want to uncheck certain things during the install. like changing your home page ,adding toolbars etc.

    This may be more than you wanted to know 🙂


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