Email Filtering

Dear Computer Lady,

Some of my e-mails go into the deleted mail right away, even my own that I send to myself, because I want to keep the image.

What is the Filtering? I’m puzzled, I would like to know that the filtering means.

Thanking You, Bobo



Dear Bobo,

Filtering is something you can set your e-mail program up to do. It will filter out e-mails that might be junk mail and delete them for you. The easiest way to do this is using the blocked senders list.

Since you are using Outlook Express, just click on “Tools” in the menu bar, then point to “Message Rules” and click on “Blocked Senders List”.

If there are people on that list that list that you want to get e-mail from, click on their e-mail address and then click the button on the right that says “Remove”. If you want to block e-mail from a specific person, click the “Add” button and fill in the e-mail address of the person you want to block.

This is usually the reason that e-mails end up going directly to your deleted items folder.



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