Email Links Not Working

Dear Computer Lady,

My question is about when I’m on say Craig’s List and I’m trying to respond to an ad and I click on the email button Windows Live comes up and I do not have an account with them.

Didn’t really want to start another.

Why won’t my wildblue account come up since it is the one that is active?

Thanks, Tammie


Dear Tammie,

I’m guessing that you access your wildblue email from their website. Let me explain what happens when you click on that email link on a website.

When you click on an email link, your computer looks for an email program to send an email message. In your case, you don’t use an email program, you use your web browser to access your email on a website. Your computer does not see a web browser as an email program because, it is not an email program.

Since you do have Windows Live Mail installed on your computer, and it is an email program, your computer will try to use it to send the message.

The easy workaround to your problem is just to copy the email address either from the website where you clicked on it, or from the email that opens in Windows Live mail, and then paste it into a new email message using your online WildBlue account.

Your other option is to set up Windows Live Mail to work with your WildBlue email address. You would have to contact their tech support to find out the correct settings, but then you would access your email using Windows Live Mail, and the email links on Craig’s list would work correctly.


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