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Dear Computer Lady,

Help!!! Recently, when we go to open up our e-mails, (example yours) Microsoft Word pops up and opens the info. Is there such a thing as “Microsoft flub”? A computer person at staples told us to uninstall Microsoft Word and re-install again. This did not help the problem. Any suggestions?

We appreciate the detailed/informative information you send out… it’s been very helpful over the years.

Thank you! Sincerely, Ethel and Dave

Dear Ethel,

It doesn’t sound like your problem is with Microsoft Word, but with your email program.

You didn’t mention what your email program is, but I would look through the settings for your email program for a setting that says something about reading or editing messages in Microsoft Word and turn that setting off.

One other possibility comes to mind… If you mean that Word opens up when you click on a link in an email message, then you just need to set your default program for web browsing, however, without knowing what version of Windows you are using, or what web browser you are using, I can’t really give you step by step directions.


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