Email Prints Too Small

Dear Computer Lady,

I use aol email.

When I receive an email that I want to print, it is printed in very very small size. I can find no way of correcting this.

The email on the computer is of normal size.

I am using windows 7.

Help please, I need to print out some information.

Thank you, Ron


Dear Ron,

While I don’t use AOL for my email, and I have not seen how you have yours set up, I can give you a couple of suggestions for how to print in a larger size.

When an email message comes in to your email program, you can read it, but you can’t make changes to it. If you forward that email message, you are able to edit the message before sending it on.

Knowing this, you can click on the “Forward” button for your message that you want to print, and then make the font larger. You should then either be able to print the message without actually sending it, or you can send it to yourself and then print the new, message with larger text.

Another option, would be to copy the text of your email message, and paste it into a word processing document (like Word or Works). Once your message is in the word processing document, you can change the font size and print the document.


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