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Dear Computer Lady,

I still have XP and know it is getting very close to the deadline for upgrading. I love my Outlook Express and don’t want to give it up. Is there anyway I can still use OE in Windows 8 or is there a similar e-mail program I can use with Win 8?

Thank you, Charlotte

Dear Charlotte,

You will not be able to use Outlook Express with Windows 8, the last operating system that could run Outlook Express was XP.

You have several options to choose from when you do upgrade to a new computer. Lets look at a few.

Windows Live Mail: The latest free email program from Microsoft. While not identical to Outlook Express, it does have a familiar feel to it. You can download it as part of Windows Essentials.

Mozilla Thunderbird: Free, open source software made by the same folks who bring us Mozilla Firefox. Thunderbird also looks similar to OE, although the tabbed interface can take a little bit of getting used to. You can download it from

Gmail: Gmail is not an email program, it is web based, however, you can set it up to work with one or more of your email addresses, and you can access it from any computer, tablet or phone. Any changes you make on one device will be reflected on all your devices.

I use Gmail because it has the best spam filter around, and I can check and respond to messages from more than one location. You can access Gmail by going to and clicking on “Gmail” in the black toolbar across the top of the window.



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    • BarbH
    • July 6, 2013

    There is an email program that I have been using on Windows 8 because I too missed Outlook Express, it’s
    eM Client at . Closest to Outlook that I have found and very good.

    • Adela
    • July 16, 2013

    Hello Computer Lady and BarbH, just wanted to say that I used to have Windows XP with OE and I was satisfied to keep it for good. But unfortunately 2 years ago I needed a new computer which came with Windows 7 AND….the incredibly BAD WLMail Essential 2011!

    It has put on my shoulders 30 more years from constant aggravation! At first I diligently made a list of the increasingly more glitches and went to their forums who tried to help but nothing worked. By now, there are so very many more glitches that I just abandoned describing them in the list. I would’ve changed a long time ago but I’m afraid to make the change as I’m next to a dummy when it comes to do more than the basics on a computer.

    So I’m gathering courage and since I too am looking for a non-web email client that is closer to OE, I hope to find it and make the change.

    BarbH I read, as The Computer Lady told you, that Mozilla Thunderbird might be along those lines, so I’ll look into it on the net and will also see if I can dare making the change of the email client myself. I hope TCL, the terrific Computer Lady who helps so many of us, could give us more programs that resemble OE? Sorry for lengthy comment. :o)

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