Email Warning Message

Dear Computer Lady,

Were you compromised? this is what is says at the top of my latest newsletter……

This message could be a scam. The sender’s account may have been compromised and used to send malicious messages. If this message seems suspicious, let us know and then alert the sender as well (in some way other than email). Learn more
Report this suspicious message Ignore, I trust this message

The e-mail originates from “ and it says it’s coming “via”

I’m leary of ignoring this message and yet I don’t want to report it if you are not having been hacked.

Please inform me before I hit the wrong button. Kris

Dear Kris,

No, I have not been hacked. This is a normal notification from your email program because the return address of my newsletter, which is is not actually being sent from my email program (not possible since the email version of these articles are sent to over 40,000 subscribers) but instead being sent through a list service which is hosted at

It is good that your email program is notifying you of the difference, it will help you avoid scams, but you might also get a lot of false alarms like this one.



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