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Dear Computer Lady,

I need to e-mail a twenty one page document. Can I send it all in one e-mail ?

Thanks, DHB


Dear DHB,

There are several things we need to consider before deciding how to send your 21 page document. You need to know the file size of your document, what format it is in, and if your internet connection and the connection of the person you are sending it to can handle a large attachment.

Lets look at the size of your document first. The easy way to tell the size of any file, is to right click on that file and then click on “Properties”. This will bring up a window that gives you lots of information, you are looking for the file size.

If your document is located in your “My Documents” folder, click on that folder to open it, locate your document and instead of opening the file, right click on it, and then click “Properties”. You will get a small window telling you about the file, look at the section that says “Size:”, what does it say about your file?

Look at the two letters after the file size, they will either be Kilobytes (KB) or Megabytes (MB). One megabyte is equal to about a thousand kilobytes. If your file is less than 100 KB, it should be no problem attaching it to an e-mail and sending it to anyone. If it is in the hundreds of kilobytes, you can send it to someone if you know they have high speed internet, but it would probably take too long to send it to someone with dial up access. 

If the file size is measured in Megabytes (MB) then It is probably too large to send as an attachment. Most text documents will not be this large unless you have a lot of pictures in the document. Remember that many e-mail accounts have a 5 MB limit and attachments that large could clog up their mailbox.

If you have decided that your document is small enough to send in an e-mail, you next need to figure out if it is in a format that the person you are sending it to can read. 

All computer users can read plain text documents, so if you wrote your document in notepad, or saved it as a plain text document, then you can send it to just about anyone. If you created the document in a word processing program, you need to make sure the recipient has the same program. If you wrote it in Microsoft Works, make sure they have Works installed as well. The same goes for Microsoft Word documents, Corel Word Perfect documents and any other word processing programs.

If you are not sure what program your recipient has, or if you will be sending it to many recipients, you might want to save a copy of your document in Rich Text Format (RTF). You might lose some of the formatting in the document, but this will allow anyone with a Windows computer to easily open and read your document. Just open the document in the program you created it in, click on “File” and then “Save As” and chose “Rich Text” in the “Save as Type” box.



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