Emailing Photos with Gmail

Dear Computer Lady,

Love your site and would love your newsletter. Question: How do I make Gmail my default mail server in irfranview. I do not use outlook express.

Thanks for your time, Flo


Dear Flo,

Thanks for your email. I added you to my weekly email list.

Unfortunately, you can’t add Gmail as your default email server in Irfanview, because Gmail is web based email, and you are not using an actual email program.

There is, however, a way you can work around this problem.

Simply open a new message in Gmail, and attach the images from there. Here is how:

1. Open Gmail, and click “compose” to start a new message.
2. Fill in the email address you are sending the message to, and the subject of your message.
3. Click the paper clip icon at the bottom of the new message window, browse and find your image file.
4. Click on the image file, then click on the “Open” button to attach your image.
5. Send your message as usual.

Hope this helps,


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