Emails going to “Deleted Items”

Dear Computer Lady,

My lady friend has a question about Outlook Express. She has Windows XP 2003 Home and just recently upgraded(?) to Fios.

However when downloading her new messages Outlook Express puts them in the Deleted folder. How can she correct this?

Your newsletter has been of invaluable assistance to this senior for the past few years. Just don’t play kick the can with your new knees. lol.

Thanks, Paul


Dear Paul,

The first thing I would have her do, is check the message rules. It is possible that there is a rule that is causing the messages to go into the deleted items.

You can check the rules in Outlook Express by clicking on “Tools”, then “Message Rules”, and “Mail”.

If you suspect that a rule might be causing the problem, you can remove it and then see if the problem is resolved.

You might also want to check the blocked senders list, and see if she has something in thereā€¦ perhaps there is a line with just the @ symbol which would block all messages.

Sometimes Outlook express just does strange things without any rules or blocked senders. If that seems to be the case, you might want to try downloading Microsoft’s replacement for Outlook Express, which is Windows Live Mail and use that program.


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