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Dear Computer Lady,

How do I eliminate the long list of email addresses in the To: line when I just want to forward an email I received to one or two other people?

As always I appreciate all the helpful hints you provide in your weekly newsletter.




Dear Connie,

Your e-mail program will not allow you to make changes to an e-mail that has been sent to you. You must create an outgoing e-mail before you can do any editing.

The first thing to do, is click the forward button. This creates a new e-mail which contains the contents of the original e-mail.


Now that you have your message in an outgoing format, you can simply highlight and delete any parts of the message you want, including the lists of addresses the message has been forwarded to in the past.

If the message you want to forward is an attachment to an e-mail, don’t forward the e-mail with the attachment. Just open the attachment (sometimes you have to open quite a few attached e- mails to get to the message) and then click the “Forward” button in the e-mail that actually contains the message.

Now you can clean up and send the forwarded message, and the people you send it to won’t have to open up a dozen attachments!



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