Forwarding Pictures in Hotmail

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Windows XP and I use hotmail.

When I forward an e-mail the pictures I see will not be there when it arrives. Just blank spaces where the pictures would have been.

Do I need to install a program? Can you help me?

Thank You, Melinda


Dear Melinda,

Since Hotmail is an online email service, it doesn’t really matter what operating system you are using, it works the same in Windows XP as it does in Vista or Windows 7.

I don’t really have a Hotmail account, so I created one and tried it out just for you! :

This is what I discovered:

1. There are no settings that I could find for forwarding pictures in an email message or leaving them out.
2. I forwarded an email with pictures to myself (I use Microsoft Outlook for my email) and although at first the pictures didn’t show, all I had to do was click a line at the top of the email message to display the pictures.
3. I checked the same forwarded message in my Gmail account, and the same thing occurred. There were no pictures until I clicked the link in a green bar at the top of the email that said: “Display Images Below”.

I hope this helps you with your problem. I suspect that you are forwarding the images, but the recipient is not clicking the link to display them.

If any readers who use Hotmail on a regular basis know more about this than I do, please leave a comment below this post.


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    • clad
    • June 24, 2011

    Many e-mail clients have a setting in the options to either allow or block images. For instance, in Windows Mail, the wording is:

    Download Images
    Block images and other external content in HTML mail.

    If the option is checked (the default setting), the line at the top of the e-mail must be clicked to see the images.

    • Barb
    • June 25, 2011

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Love Love Love your how to’s! Have sent to all my friends and now they get your emails too.
    Responding to Hotmail NOT forwarding pics in an email. I had the same problem and spent the day trying to fix it. I ended up downloading Internet Explorer8 and the problem was solved by doing that. Hope it helps someone else with that problem.

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