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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been using roadrunner web mail. Is there a another free email client that I could use?

Thank you! Rita


Dear Rita,

Yes, there are several free email programs you can use.

Windows Live Mail:

Microsoft no longer provides an email program with Windows 7, but they do provide Windows Live Mail on their website free of charge. (Some computer manufacturers install Live Mail for you) You can learn more about Live Mail and download it here:

There are also some great tutorials If you were used to using outlook Express in earlier versions of Windows, then Windows Live Mail is probably the email program for you. If you are still using Windows XP, and want to upgrade from Outlook Express, you can download and install Windows Live Mail on your XP computer too.

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Thunderbird is a free, open source email program created by the same folks that created the Firefox web browser. I have not looked at Thunderbird for a little while, and was pleasantly surprised when I checked their website to find a brand new version with lots of new features. In fact, I am downloading it now as I write this article.

The nice thing about Thunderbird and Live Mail is that you can store your messages on your computer, and read them even if you are not currently online.

A free online email program that I like to use is Googles email program called Gmail. With Gmail, you create your own email address, but you can also set the program up to check your pop email addresses as well. The one thing that I absolutely love about Gmail is the way it filters out the junk mail. I almost never get any junk messages when I am using Gmail. That is a pretty amazing feat for any email program these days.

You can set up your own Gmail account at


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