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Dear Computer Lady,

You have really “saved my bacon” a number of times with your Q&A…love it!

My question is about email providers. I used to have Juno that stored on my computer & didn’t require me to be connected to the web while reading my emails & the ability to keep the emails. I now have Juno that is web-based. I prefer my original OLD Juno. I am wondering if you know of a provider that would still allow me to view & save my emails to my computer.

Thank you for being out there! CiCi in Modesto CA


Dear CiCi,

You can set up any POP (Post Office Protocol) email account to download and store messages on your computer. Some are free, and some are not. Here are a few options.

1. Your ISP (internet service provider) usually provides one or more email addresses as part of their package. Many of them now offer web based email, but if you ask them, they should be able to give you directions for downloading the messages to your computer.

2. Some of the free email accounts that many people use, also offer POP or IMAP ( Internet Message Access Protocol ) access. If you have your choice between the two of them, you should probably use IMAP. Google has a nice description of the difference between the two here:

If you open a free Google email account (Gmail) you can enable either POP or IMAP access and then use a local email program like Eudora or Windows Live Mail to access your messages on your computer. I have found that Eudora is very easy to set up and use with Gmail. In addition, it creates a backup copy of all your email messages on your computer just in case anything ever happens to your online account. You can download Eudora here:

4. Some Internet companies will sell you only email service. I actually still have my first email account even though I no longer purchase (dial-up) internet access from this company.

I hope this helps you make a decision.


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    • nymormon
    • March 2, 2012

    I use Juno email, and I download it to my computer using the Juno software. I pay $9 a year for the privilege of downloading it. I’ve used Juno since I first got on the internet around 1994, and I prefer it over the online email services. I do have an email account at Yahoo and Gmail, but I’m sticking with Juno for my main email, even though I have to pay a small fee to use it.

    • ohanaohana
    • April 6, 2012

    I’ve also been a long time juno user. I primarily use juno off my pc. I also get my juno email off my iphone, however, if I delete a msg. off my iphone, it does not delete it off my pc. If I obtain my juno email off the web, it will delete off my pc. I understand it is because juno is “pop” and not “imap” email.

    Does juno have a imap setting? If so, what is it? My time is not efficient to delete off my iphone and then have to go home and delete it again off my pc.

    If juno doesn’t have a imap setting, any ideas to accomplish what I want?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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