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Dear Computer Lady,

Its a hard job to eliminate the junk mail on Gmail. I have to click on each one.

Is there a quick way to eliminate the junk?

Thanks in advance. Been reading your e mails for a long time.


Dear John,

I’m actually surprised that you are having a problem with junk messages in Gmail.

I have found that Gmail has the best junk filters of any program that I have tried.

I decided to go looking through my Gmail settings to see if there was some way you might have turned off the junk mail filtering, and found one place that might have that effect on your mail.

In your Gmail window, click on The small gear symbol located in the upper-right corner of the window, and click on “Settings” in the drop down list.

Once you are looking at the settings window, click on the blue word, “Inbox” in the list across the top.

In the section that says, “Filtered mail”, make sure “Don’t override filters” is selected. If not, click the small circle to select it, and click the “Save Changes” button below.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth

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