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Dear Computer Lady,

I have an HP desktop (windows 7) and a HP tablet that both run Gmail.

When I delete an entry on the desktop it doesn’t delete the same one on my tablet.
Can this be done?

Thanks, Ron

Dear Ron,

Yes, this can be done.

In fact, I’m surprised that it is not already being done.

Gmail is a web based email program, you can access it from any internet-connected device from your computer to your phone.

Normally, when you delete a message from any device, it is removed from your Gmail account on their server, which means that it is removed from all devices.

The fact that your emails are not automatically synced means that one of your devices is using POP to download messages and not either direct access or IMAP.

If you are using an email program on your desktop, try switching to direct access (

If you are using the email app on your tablet, try either direct access, or switch to the gmail app if it is available.

If you want to continue to use your email program, you would need to set Gmail up for IMAP access instead of POP. You might need to get your local computer shop to set this up for you as it is too involved for this column.



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