Hacked Email Account

Dear Computer Lady,

Someone has gotten into my computer and sending crazy emails to everyone in my address book and pretending gthey are from me.

Please tell me what i can do.

Thanks, Durwood


Dear Durwood,

I see that you are using a yahoo email address.

This means that the person has not gotten into your computer, but they have hacked into your yahoo email account.

Since you appear to still have access to your email, the first thing you need to do is change your password. This will prevent the person from accessing your account and sending more messages.

If you can’t get into your account, you should try to contact yahoo and at least get them to shut down the account so that no more emails can be sent in your name.

If you have any other online passwords that are the same or similar to your yahoo password, you should change those immediately. Many online companies will send your password to you in an email message if you forget it. It would be very easy for this unknown person to access your other passwords in this way.

In the future, you really need to make sure you are using secure passwords. Here is how I create a secure password.

First, start with a short phrase, we will use the phrase,

I like peanuts

for an example.

For your password, pick one word, and change the vowels to numbers or symbols. Now the phrase looks like this:

I l1k3 peanuts

The next step is to mix up the words in your phrase:

l1k3 peanuts I

and finally, put the words together to get rid of the spaces in between:


Now, you have a secure password wtih one capital letter, two numbers and should be fairly easy to remember.


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