How To Add Contacts in Gmail

Dear Computer Lady,

The Last few weeks week you showed us how to delete and add folders in Gmail, what I want to know is how to add contacts so I don’t have to type in the E-Mail address each time I want to send an E-Mail.

Does this also apply to Android tablets? I have the same problems with my Android tablet.

Thanks, Harlan

Dear Harlan,

It is easy to add a contact in Gmail on your computer.

When you are reading an email from someone you want to add to your contacts, just hover your mouse over the person’s name or address.

A small box will pop up with information about that person.

In the bottom left corner of that box will be a link that says, “Add To Contacts”.

If the person is already in your contacts, it will say, “Contact Info”.

I don’t have Gmail on an Android tablet, so I am not sure how it works there. Perhaps someone will comment on this and I will share it with you.



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