How To Backup Outlook


Dear Computer Lady,

I’m excited to see you also use MS Outlook!  You’re right, the calendar and task list features are great.  

But since I got a new computer that uses XP, I have to confess I have not done a back up because I can’t find an easy, quick way to back up MS Outlook.

How do you do it?  If I lost all my e-mails, I just know I could not survive!  

You make so many things easier on the computer.

Thanks! Brenda


Dear Brenda,

The first thing you need to know in order to back up your Outlook is the location of your data file.

Outlook XP makes this fairly easy. Just click on “File” in Outlook and then click on “Data File Management…”. This will bring up a small window that lists your data files. You will probably only have one.

Click on your file, then click settings. You will be able to view and write down the exact location of your files.

Once you know where the files are located, it is a simple matter to back them up, just make a copy of the files and save them on a CD or some other removable storage.


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