How To Change Your Email Password

Dear Computer Lady,

We have 2 iPads and they are programmed the same.

Mine won’t let me get emails anymore, says I need to re enter my password. I don’t remember the password, so I want to change the password, but when I get in to change the password I can’t find where to do a change of the password. The only thing there is where it says Re-Enter Password.

I can’t get beyond the re-enter password. I can’t find anyplace else to click on to do anything else. Could you please help me get my emails back. I thought if I could figure out how to change it, I would change both ipads and try not to lose the next passwords.
Thank You so very much for being there to help. Shirley

Dear Shirley,

You can’t change your email password on your ipad email app, instead, you need to change the password with your email provider.

If your email address is from your local internet service provider (like Comcast, TWC, Fairpoint, etc) you will need to contact them. Usually they will reset the password for you and you can then enter the new password on both iPads.

If your email address is online (gmail, yahoo, hotmail,, etc.) you will need to go to the website, try to log in, then click on the link to reset your password. Most online email sites will send a link for resetting your password to a backup email address, ask you security questions, or send a text code to your cell phone.

Once you have your new password, you can go back to both iPads and enter the new email password.



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