How To Configure Spell Check in WLM

Dear Elizabeth,

Several weeks ago I decided it would be a good idea to have spell check enabled on my email. I use Windows Live Mail.

It didn’t take more than one email having all the questionable names spell checked to decide this was a mistake.

How do I disable the spell check?

Thanks, Colleen

Dear Colleen,

I will show you how to disable spell check in Windows Live Mail, but in addition to that, I will show you how to add those names to the spell check dictionary so that you won’t have to deal with spell checking valid names.

To disable Spell Check in Windows Live Mail, open WLM and click on the, “File” tab.

In the menu, point to “Options” and click on “Mail” in the sub-menu.

An, “Options” dialog box will open. Click on the, “Spelling” tab.

Here you can click to turn on or off several spelling settings. Remove the check-mark in the first four boxes to turn it off.

Click the, “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box to close the box and save your changes.

Rather than turning off spell check, a better solution might be to add your unique names to the spell check dictionary. To do this, right click on an underlined word (that you know is spelled correctly), and click “Add to dictionary” in the context menu that appears. Once you have done this, spell check will no longer flag that word as misspelled.



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