How To Create A Google Group

Dear Computer Lady,

I use gmail to send out email. Until this week I have been able to send out group emails as a bcc. Now gmail has stopped that saying there is too much spam using gmail.

I’m a teacher and send out lessons using group emails and now I am unable to do that with gmail.

Is there a way to still do it with gmail? When the emails come back it says use google groups to now send out group email. How do I create my group emails with google groups?


Dear Rosalee,

A Google Group is just a collection of email contacts that makes it easier to send messages to the entire group.

To send your email messages to a group, you need to create the group first. Here is how:

In your Gmail window, click the drop down arrow next to the word, “Gmail” in the upper-left corner of the window. Click on “Contacts” in the drop down list.

In the left column of the, “Contacts” window, click on “Groups” to expand the list.

Now, click on “New Group”, and type a name for your group in the dialog box.

Click the “Create Group” button.

Now, your new group will be listed under groups. To add people to your group, click the red “Add Person” button in the lower-right corner of your screen.

Now, when you want to send a message to your group, simply type the group name in the To: or BCC: field and send your message as usual.



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