How To Find Windows Mail

Dear Computer Lady,

I remember reading directions for finding the Windows Mail program within Windows 7. It is there, but hidden, is what the article stated.

I am now running Windows OS 7, 64 bit. If you can help me with the directions for getting my Windows Mail back, I would be so appreciative. I do not like Outlook Mail!!!

Thank you, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

Actually, Windows Mail might not have come with your computer.

The reason for this is that Windows 7 does not include Windows Mail (or Windows Live Mail) but many manufacturers install it to make it easier for their customers.

If you can’t find Windows Mail, or Windows Live Mail on your computer, you can simply download and install it from Microsoft’s website.

Go to:

Or just go to Google and search for “Windows Live Mail download”

Another free email program that you might want to try is Mozilla Thunderbird at:

Thunderbird is also free, and has a few extra features that WLM does not have.


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    • DiggerP
    • September 15, 2012

    Hi Sharon,

    I don’t know what you decided on, but you’re right,
    Win7 does indeed “come” with Windows Mail, the same Windows Mail that was in Vista.
    Microsoft was just sneaky to hide it and make it non-funtional.

    My personal view is that they intended to include a functional email client, but as time went by, they decided against it for the following reasons:
    Opposition from the EURO countries with regards to including the email client as part of the OS and also
    because of pushing their own Live services line of products.

    Be that as it may, there are ways to install Windows mail on Win 7.

    Provides a service to do this for you at about $30
    but do read the disclaimers on the page.

    However ,if you follow the directions in the other links ,you should be able to do it yourself.
    Just make sure you use the info as it pertains to 64 bit.
    Also watch for Windows Updates that may disable Windows Mail again.


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