How To Forward Attachments in Gmail

Dear Computer Lady:

How do I forward an attachment to an E-mail on I have tried everything I know, but I can’t do this.

Thank you for all your help, as I am a senior and it takes me a little longer to learn things.


Dear Madeleine,

WHen you have an email with an attachment in Gmail, and you want to forward the email and the attachment, just follow these directions:

1. Open the email message that you want to send in Gmail.

2. On the right side of your screen, click the drop down list, then click “Forward”.
3. Your message will be ready for you to fill out and send. You should see your attachment at the bottom of the message.

If you don’t see the attachment, is is possible you are not forwarding the original message in the conversation.



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  1. Madeleine is right, Elizabeth. There is sometimes problem with attachment forwarding. I doubted I had the same problem. But this time I tried and it worked.

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