How To Highlight Text in Outlook 2016

Dear Computer Lady,

I want to be able to highlight certain text in the Reading Pane of Outlook 2016 for Incoming AND Outgoing email.

Example: when I save one of your weekly newsletters in its’ own sub-file. IF I could, for example, highlight a sentence or paragraph that would quickly tell me why I chose to save said edition.

Based upon my research to-date, I have yet to find the answer–be it from Microsoft or outside vendors. Grrr! Yes, I can highlight other things in a given email(s) but NOT from the body of the email itself. I can’t be the only person in the world who would like to do this–as if I were holding a real “Hi-Liter” above a piece of paper to highlight certain words, phrases or paragraphs.

Would you help? PLEASE! Dave

Dear Dave,

Unfortunately, this is not a feature that is programmed into Outlook, or any other email program that I am aware of.

The best work around would be to forward the email to yourself. Once you click the “Forward” button, you will be able to make changes and highlight text before you click “Send”.



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