How To Make A Gmail Desktop Icon

Dear Computer Lady,

Love your newsletter, full of so many answers I have questions to.
My question is, how do I make a gmail desktop icon, so I can go to gmail quickly?

Thank you, Daisy

Dear Daisy,

How you make a desktop icon for quick access to Gmail depends on what browser program you are using to access the Gmail website.

If you are using Internet Explorer,

1. Go to your gmail web page.
2. Right-click on a blank spot of the page.
3. In the context menu that appears, click on “Create Shortcut”
4. In the dialog box that appears, click the “Yes” button

If you are using Firefox or Chrome

1. Go to your gmail web page.
2. Using your mouse, click on the small lock at the beginning of the address bar.
3. Drag that lock from the address bar to your desktop, and it will automatically create a shortcut to that web page.

If you are using Edge, there is not an easy way to create a shortcut to a webpage, but you can still do it following these directions:

1. Copy or write down the web address (URL) for your gmail page. It will be something like
2. Right-click on a blank spot on your desktop.
3. In the context menu that appears, point to “New” and then click on “Shortcut”.
4. In the shortcut dialog either type or paste your URL and click “Next”
5. Type a name for your shortcut and click “Finish”.



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    • mrshvd3
    • December 19, 2017

    Hi, Computer Lady — Know what’s great about your answers? They often apply to other situations, too! I read the one above, about creating a desktop icon for GMail and decided to try that with the webmail I use (FastMail). And it worked! I went to my log-in page, right-clicked and left-clicked on “Create shortcut”. It asked if I wanted to put a shortcut on my desktop for my FastMail log-in; I clicked “Yes”, and there it was! Something I never thought of doing, but I know I’ll use it. Thank you!

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