How To Merge Names in Email Messages

Dear Computer Lady,

I enjoy reading all your answers to your readers.

I receive many emails that manage to include my name merged into the body of the letter. Is there a special program for doing that?

I use Outlook Express and it does not seem to have that ability.

I like to send blind copies to groups and would like to make them more personal.

Sincerely, Ed


Dear Ed,

You are right, Outlook Express doesn’t have that ability. Neither do most other email programs.

I use an email marketing service called, Aweber, that has that capability though.

Aweber is not free, but it is a powerful service. You can give it a test drive using the form below.

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    • DiggerP
    • March 17, 2012

    Hi Ed,

    Here are some free mail senders that can send personalized emails. free version 100 email limit 300 email limit 200 limit 50 limit send
    The 50 limit is advisable to use for all of them, unless you want to be blacklisted as a spammer by your ISP or email provider.
    I’m somewhat partial to 1and1.soft because it’s small and quite intuitive ,but try any of them and use which one you like best.


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