How To Put Gmail Shortcut on Desktop

Hello Elizabeth,

I love your email with all the wonderful advice you give to me and others.

My question is….is there a way to put a gmail icon on your computer? Otherwise I have to open IE and type it in to get to it.

Thanks for your time.
Laura, Chicago, IL


Dear Laura,

There is a way to put a shortcut to your Gmail on your desktop.

The next time you have your Gmail window open in Internet Explorer, right click on a blank spot in the window. A spot between the search bar, and the list of messages is a good place.

When you right click, a context menu will appear. Click on “Create Shortcut” in that context menu.

Note: If you don’t see, “Create Shortcut” in the context menu, try right-clicking in a different location.

After you click on “Create Shortcut” a small dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to create a shortcut to this website on your desktop. CLick the “Yes” button.

You will now have a shortcut to your Gmail right on your desktop.


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