How To Save E-mails to Documents

Dear Computer Lady,

I have just recently been introduced to you service and I’m thrilled with what I’ve learned already. Now I have a question.

I would like to move my folders from my Outlook e-mail site to my documents. I’ve tried several ways, but nothing seems to work. I’m sure you can help.

Thanks in advance. Keep up the great work, Jan


Dear Jan,

The folders in your email do look the same as the folders in your “My Documents” but they are not the same type of folder. In “My Documents” each folder is a separate file, and each item inside the folder is another file.

In most email programs, Like Outlook and Outlook Express, the
folders are either all contained in one file, or a few large files.
You can’t drag the folders directly to “My Documents” because they are set up differently.

There are several ways that you can work around this issue.

1. You can create folders in your “My Documents” folder that reflect the folders in your email program, and then drag the email message from your email window, to the open folder in “My Documents”.

2. You can create folders in your “My Documents” folder, and when you are reading an email that you want to save, click on “File” in the menu bar, click on “Save As” and then save the message in your folder.

Both of those methods cause your email program to export the message into its own file.

The email program in Vista, Windows Mail, is a whole new
program, and each mail message is its own file, so this problem is not an issue in Vista.


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